We purchased our first home in 2011 and enjoyed putting our personal touches on it.

Buying our 1st house - March 2011

Buying our 1st house – March 2011

We are most proud of the front landscaping!  The retaining wall, rubber mulching, along with carefully selected plants including hibiscuses, daylilies, azaleas, lavender, monkey grass, and sego palms, complement the new St. Augustine sod to create a beautiful green yard.  Finally, we installed a brand new front door as the final touch for great curb appeal.

For Sale

Selling our 1st House – May 2013

Our to-do list of renovations was not yet complete when job opportunities for both of us came knocking on our door.  However, after considering the fun new adventures we could have, we took a leap!  We listed the house on the market a month ago, then moved across Texas into a temporary corporate apartment to begin our new jobs.