We moved from Houston and started our new jobs in May, with plans to stay at a corporate apartment for a few months.

Since my husband and I are both in construction – we’ve both always wanted to build our own house.  We weren’t exactly on the same page as to our desires for where to build.  My husband wanted to buy several acres, outside of the city limits – so we could raise chickens, goats, etc.  However, I wanted something with a short commute to work, and in a nice neighborhood.  Obviously, there was going to have to be some compromise on both of our parts.

Our search for the perfect piece of land included anything from 1/2 an acre to 5+.  Lots within a mile of my work, and others that were 30 minutes away in another county.

On June 12th, we swung by a nice in-town neighborhood to see a 1/2 acre lot that had popped up on Zillow.  After checking it out, we determined that the price per acre was too high – in addition to many constructability issues we foresaw with the tremendous sloping and shape of the lot.  Driving away from it, we turned onto another street with several unbuilt lots with real estate signs sitting out by the road.

real estate

Curious, I snapped a photo of the sign with plans to get more information later.  The lots were not listed anywhere on-line, so we didn’t get our hopes up.  But in my mind I couldn’t help but feel like this was The One.