The day after we discovered our lot, we got a call back from the real estate agent.  The lot wasn’t on the market yet, but it was For Sale!

1 acre on a cul-de-sac in a great neighborhood, with a river view on one side and community hiking trails on the other side – this could be the perfect compromise of the different things my husband and I were looking for!


Exploring the property

Excitedly, we took another trip out to the plot of land to take a better look.  No question with the topography of the land, and the easements running thru it, this would require a custom design.  Fearlessly, though, my husband started dreaming right there on the spot.  “The garage could be over here, with the living room and kitchen opening up to the views.”  I hesitantly listened to his ideas, unsure whether we would be biting off more than we could chew.

The real estate agent met us on the property a few minutes later, and we started asking when it was expected to go on the market, what the list price would be, and if she could send us a copy of the neighborhood HOA requirements.

That night, we realized we hadn’t yet gotten pre-qualified for financing!  The next day, we received our mortgage pre-approval letter, and finalized our best offer for the property.  We emailed our offer to the real estate agent, and impatiently awaited a response.

Hanging out at a friends’ house later that evening, I got a text from Paula, our agent.

The Text that Changed it All

The Text that Changed it All

Interrupting the conversation, I blurted the news to Austin.  The look on his face was one of complete shock and surprise.  His words captured exactly what I was feeling, “What have we gotten ourselves into!?!”