With our property under contract, and an understanding of the drastic topography, easements, and views to consider – we were left asking ourselves what we’d gotten ourselves into.

The first thing we set out to do was to outline the basic components of our dream house.

Rooms & approximate desired sizes:

  • Mudroom (8’x10′)
  • Entryway (5’x10′)
  • Master Bedroom (15’x17′)
  • Master Bathroom (13’x15′)
  • Walk-in-Closet (7’x10′)
  • Bedroom 2 (11’x13′)
  • Bedroom 3 (11’x13′)
  • Bedroom 4 / Study (9’x11′)
  • Powder Bath (5’x6′)
  • Kitchen (15’x16′)
  • Pantry (4’x5′)
  • Living Room (15’x20′)
  • Dining Room (11’x13′)
  • Breakfast Area (5’x5′)
  • Bar (2’x4′)
  • Upstairs Living area (10’x15′)
  • Garage (3-Car)

With this list handy, we set-up an account on http://www.floorplanner.com and began playing around with layouts.

This is our first design concept which places the Master Bedroom downstairs, and the remaining bedrooms up.

Conceptual Floorplan as of June 28th

Conceptual Floorplan as of June 28th

With each design, we discuss and tweak our priorities.  The layout and flow is a key element to us.  I also made cut-outs to the scale of each room to place on top of our survey, to ensure that our house footprint would fit within the property setback and easement boundaries.



This schematic design process is another exercise in compromise.  We both have different ideas and priorities, so working together to come up with our joint-goals is taking much longer than anticipated.  However, we are not in a rush and want to allow ourselves the proper time to study all the options.