After coming up with a list of priorities and going thru many brainstorming sessions, we have finally reached a Preliminary Floorplan.  It has taken many iterations of back-and-forth to agree that we both like this plan.

To incorporate the sloping of our lot, we have designed a split-level house.

Another tricky element about this property is the multiple boundary lines we have to be mindful of in our design.  There is a 15′ P.U.E. running diagonally across our lot (dimensioned below at 63’2″).  Another utility line (dimensioned at 43’5″), despite not being shown as an easement on the plot, could potentially be flagged during the permit review, so we are designing around it as well .   Of course, we also have a side-setback 10′ from our property line (dimensioned at 70’3″).  Finally, the rear-setback is 20′ from our property line (dimensioned at 34’0″).  However, as shown below, we are not held to the rear setback according to the neighborhood HOA’s, since we back up to a bluff.  The final dimension of 56’0″ is simply completing the “pentagonal” shape that we are tasked with fitting our house into.


First Floor

The garage is at the lowest level, and the mudroom is 1′ up from the garage.  To the right of the mudroom is a set of stairs to provide access to the entryway, elevated another 3′, as well as the Master Bedroom.  Attached to the Master Bedroom is, of course, the Master Bathroom, then a 1′ drop to the Walk-in-Closet with a potential secret door to the Guest Bedroom (possible Future Nursery).  To the left of the mudroom is the kitchen, living room, and dining room which are all on the same plane.  The Guest bedroom and bathroom are elevated 2′ from the main living spaces.


Second Floor

Second Floor

Also accessible from the entryway is another set of stairs leading to the 2nd level – with another two bedrooms, bathroom, and living space, in addition to a covered patio.  There will be an open-railing on both sides of this space – overlooking the entryway and living room below respectively.

I do have some concerns with the fact that there are so many stairs!  I have been known to injure myself of steps, from entire stairways, to simple curbs.

Another on-going point of discussion is whether to include a sauna in our Master Bathroom.

Regardless of these pending decisions, we are moving forward at a steady pace.  I love the way the house will look from this perspective coming down the driveway.


Front Elevation

Front Elevation

We are almost ready to submit these Preliminary Floorplans to an Architect to have them drawn into AutoCad.

Meanwhile, we pushed our closing date (which was scheduled for today actually) to August 19th because the Seller has not completed the survey as per our agreement.  This was also beneficial to us since we are supposed to close on selling our house on August 16th – if everything goes according to plan unlike last time.  Fingers crossed!