This weekend, amidst the Texas A&M and Dallas Cowboys football games, we squeezed in some design review time.

Studying the balcony railing that overlooks the living room below, we were unhappy with the visual placement of the corner of the bedroom.

Suddenly, I noticed that the area above the entryway appeared to be the exact size we needed for a bedroom.  With a few clicks, I confirmed that it would, in fact, fit!

Second Floor Revisions

With this change, we “gain” a covered entryway.  However, we “lose” the high-ceilings of the entryway.  I also reconfigured the bathroom to allow for a linen closet.

2nd floor

The revision will be submitted to the Architect today, despite feeling so fresh in our minds. 

Are 9′ ceilings tall enough for the entryway?