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We’re clicking the “Undo” button over here in regards to revising the 2nd floor plan.  As a friend of mine pointed out, 9′ entryway ceilings do not leave much space for hanging a light fixture.  Obviously we could squeeze in a short light, but it wouldn’t be a big statement-maker.

Chandelier with 9' Ceilings

Chandelier with 9′ Ceilings

With a husband that is 6’5″, it’s a bit unnerving to have such low-hanging fixtures.  Whereas nine foot ceilings are plenty high throughout the rest of the house, it doesn’t give off the grand entryway feel we had originally designed.

So back to Plan A.

2nd Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Now for a bit further investigation into the issue that spurred yesterday’s revision.  The upstairs living area opens to below, but it is smaller than the living room below.  There will be an open railing for a length of 17’6″, then the railing terminates into a wall begins for the remaining 3’6″.

3D illustration

3D illustration

The pink wall indicates the upstairs bedroom wall, the culprit of our concerns.  The green wall indicates the downstairs restroom, which is further towards the front of the house (so they are not stacked) but the walls do line up from the South perspective.

3D from below

Are we over-thinking things?  Should we be concerned about this from a visual standpoint? (of course, we still need to confirm this is structurally viable as well).