We got our first sample of the Architect’s 3D renderings today.  There will be tons of adjustments, of course, but this is an exciting step for us!



We haven’t discussed including a water feature, although how cool would that be?  I do really like the circular drive.


Many things are not accurately represented here, including the color of the stucco, as well as the pattern of the stone.


I also do not anticipate this retaining wall to be quite this high.  Our wallets hope it’s not anyway.


The configuration and sizes of the windows will be tweaked as well.  I believe there should only be one large window per floor, so two total, instead of the four shown here.


I don’t expect the covered upstairs patio to look…well…anything like it is depicted here.

3d7But overall, this is a great place to start!

What changes would you make?