We hit a speed-bump a few weeks ago.  Cautiously yet optimistically, I submitted a question to the City regarding a potential conflict we had noted with the sewer line on our property.

city lineWe realized that the corner of our garage (orange star) overlapped with the wastewater line (red).  However, the question in our minds was…why is the line  there?  Why wasn’t it installed within the easement (green)?

Well, nevermind the answer to why, because the City isn’t going to move the line.  Now the question becomes, how far away from this line does the corner of our garage need to be?

Since it’s taken over 3 weeks and we still have no answer from the City, we are re-designing with the assumption of a 5′ distance from the line.

And that’s why we shifted the top half of our floorplan to align with the far edge of our dining room.

snapshot level 1 changesThe blue indicates a shift, the red indicates minor changes to the original plan.

It’s not ideal, but fortunately, the changes aren’t too significant.  Here’s a snapshot of the new view of the kitchen.

kitchen view 1

A few of the most “significant” changes were the reduction in the depth of the garage; a new opening from the kitchen to the dining room; and the fact that you no longer walk straight thru the mud room to get to the garage.

Unfortunately, these changes all take time.  As you can see, all we have right now are sketches.  We’ll have to meet with the Architect to iron it all out and of course make these adjustments to all of the subsequent plans (roof, elevations, site, etc).

THEN…and I know I’ve been saying this for months…we’ll be ready to hire our Structural Engineer.  I am very glad we hadn’t already gone through the Structural process before this revision though!

What hiccups have you encountered in your life recently?  As a natural planner, it is always an exercise for me to adjust to these unexpected events!