Instead of using a select fill material that would need to be compacted, we used gravel, which we then just needed a bobcat to place.  We trucked in 7 loads of gravel for backfilling the basement.


This weekend, we had special visitors, my Grandpa, aunt & cousin from Florida.  Grandpa was very intrigued and enjoyed talking to Austin about the house.


After completing the backfill, Austin began with laying out the basement walls.  He drilled & epoxied rebar dowels, laid the track, and erected the first corner!  He has also pre-assembled all the corners and a bunch of the wall pieces so that he can get more efficient production.


The basement is really starting to take form now.  All the materials in the center will eventually form the walls!  We have received quite a bit of interest from the neighborhood, wondering what the heck we’re building with this Styrofoam 🙂