The second floor walls were the fastest construction of all the levels – by now, Austin knew his exact process and knocked it out.  There was also a motivation factor that once we finished this, we will be hiring out more of the trades and the house will really start taking shape.

2nd floor walls

My grandpa was in town for a week and he insisted on helping Austin.  It was over a hundred degrees, but he was out there lending his hand.  Such awesome men!

back view

The arched windows above the living room were a pain in the neck for Austin to build – but they are one of my favorite features of the house.

Here it is, on the day of the pour for the 2nd floor walls: 2nd floor pour2nd floor pour 2Now it’s time to get the trusses ordered – but hold on, we’re talking a bit of a redesign for the roof to allow for a flat roof and future rooftop plaza~