Master Bathroom Shower & Bathtub Trim Kits

Our bathtub was shipped and arrived last Friday! It will be set in the next week or two so the framers can install the pony walls around it.

We also ordered all of our shower and bathtub trim kits, which will ship in the next day or two.  After that we can get the plumbing rough-in underway.  Our selections were mostly Delta products in a Venetian Bronze finish.



master shower trim


Front Porch Framing

We started framing the front porch on Saturday July 25th.  This was our first “subcontractor” crew we hired to work on the house aside from the concrete finishers!

Front Porch
They worked very quickly and within just a couple of days, the porch is framed and sheathed!

Front Porch


Now the framers have moved to the back porch, which is slightly more complicated due to the size and height of the roof, which we recently re-designed to be a flat roof over the patio.

Austin and our friend Tony welded special embed plates which are now bolted onto the walls to receive the beams which will cantilever out over the porch.

Back Porch


We’re moving at warp speed now!  We have the roof trusses ordered and they should arrive within a week.

2nd Floor Walls

The second floor walls were the fastest construction of all the levels – by now, Austin knew his exact process and knocked it out.  There was also a motivation factor that once we finished this, we will be hiring out more of the trades and the house will really start taking shape.

2nd floor walls

My grandpa was in town for a week and he insisted on helping Austin.  It was over a hundred degrees, but he was out there lending his hand.  Such awesome men!

back view

The arched windows above the living room were a pain in the neck for Austin to build – but they are one of my favorite features of the house.

Here it is, on the day of the pour for the 2nd floor walls: 2nd floor pour2nd floor pour 2Now it’s time to get the trusses ordered – but hold on, we’re talking a bit of a redesign for the roof to allow for a flat roof and future rooftop plaza~

Stairs to 2nd Floor

It has been the rainiest May on record, so we have had to re-schedule and push our concrete pour out multiple times!  Fingers crossed we can pour next week.

Meanwhile, this weekend, Austin built the stairs to the 2nd floor. This was quite the task, and involved a few hours standing in Home Depot picking out the right fasteners and lumber.  In the end, he determined it would be easiest to notch the stringers rather than install a fastener clip to each tread.


You can’t see it in the photo, but the landing is spiral-stepped to allow for the 180 degree turn and return to the 2nd floor.

It’s so convenient having access to the 2nd floor – this will assist the concrete finishers greatly when the come out to place the concrete.  Hopefully soon!

View from Stairs

Looking down from the stairs, my two favorite boys – standing in the blockout for the front door.

Retaining Walls

The retaining wall is something that totally transformed our property.  It made it possible to backfill, and therefore actually make the front portion of our basement underground! (The rest will be “above” the backyard, thus it is called a Walk-out basement).

It took about 9 days from the delivery of the block for the crew to complete the installation of the walls.  There’s approximately 1000 square foot of wall.

Retaining Wall

The wall continues on around the side of the house, wrapping around to the driveway.

You can also see the first floor walls are up and formed!  We are now working on shoring for the deck and then we will be ready to pour.

Stem Walls & Waterproofing

We installed waterproofing on the outside of the foam insulation panels at the locations that will be backfilled.  The green “Mel-Rol” is waterproofing.


Next, Austin started on building the stem walls.  After these walls are poured, this area is backfilled with gravel and then the slab-on-grade is poured.


Every 16″ on center is a rebar that has been drilled and epoxied into the concrete footings.